Tuesday Romance - Beautifying the love after marriage in Alaipayuthey

Beautifying the love after marriage in Alaipayuthey

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Maniratnam has been the most celebrated Maverick filmmaker of all times. The major reason behind is long journey in film industry is that most of his movies have been predominantly romantic drama. Even when the films are about action and thriller, he has never failed to add the best moments of romance in his movies. In fact, they carry so much of intensity that these stories travel along with us over the ages. One among them is Alaipayuthey, which features Madhavan and Shalini in lead roles.

The movie holds so much of prominence on emphasizing the importance of love. What makes the film so much special is that Maniratnam tries to differentiate love before and after marriage. During the first half of the movie comes with the beautiful fun filled moments as it happens in the lives of many.

Following this, the second half focuses more upon the realistic issues that happens between the couple after marriage. Maniratnam excellently showcased this drama with so much of emotions that it created a huge impact upon the audiences.

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