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Thaana Serndha Koottam Movie Preview

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The big day is arriving shortly and every Suriya fan is keeping them imbibed to the peak of excitements. Moreover, this is the first ever time, a film gets beyond the boundaries of fan league and lets universal audiences think about it. Thaana Serndha Koottam will be a much commendable film as far as reported by the selected group that has already watched the film.

Favourite version of Suriya

Maybe, for years, it was a prolonging desire for every Suriya fan to see him back in a much loveable and simplicity bounded role. It was literally missing for a very long time. As Suriya says, Thaana Serndha Koottam was like taking him back to the street tea shop and spends happy time with his friends. So will be the film, where we can see the Suriya during the times of Ghajini and Pithamagan.

Emotional connect of everyone

Beyond any factors of narrative and technical aspects, emotional connect will be the greatest highlight of this film. The film’s basic premise and conflicts will be completely related to everyone among us.

Entertainment guaranteed

The entire show of 2hrs-15mins will be a complete package of entertainment that will definitely keep the audiences engrossed. The humour and commercial ingredients will be the engaging element out here.

Musical extravaganza

The background score would just take you into a different world of Anirudh. He has attempted something much different with the instrumentals. Of course, the songs are already on the top of charts.

Reality and a substantial inspiration

The film is based on a real life event that happened in 1987 that shook the entire Nation. Vignesh Shivn has just picked up this concept that inspired Special 26 and has completely crafted a different screenplay.

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