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Tailor made film for Vikram fans

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Direction : Vijay Chandar
Production : Moving Frame
Starring : Vikram, Tamannah, Soori
Music : SSThaman
Cinematography : M. Sukumar
Editing : Ruben

Vijay Chander shot to fame with his directorial debut titled Vaalu and is now out with his new venture titled Sketch. The film features Vikram and Tamannaah in lead roles with RK Suresh playing an important role. Thaman has composed music for this film, which is produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu.


Set against the backdrops of North Chennai, Vikram plays Sketch, who seizes vehicles from the defaulters. His life takes a turn, when his friends are killed mysteriously. As he ventures out to find out who could have been responsible, he sets out to avenge them. But the biggest question is whether if he found the real culprit?


When Vijay Chander made his directorial debut with Vaalu, he had delivered a decent and casual time pass entertainer .Such was the assumption with Vikram starrer Sketch as well. Of course, the first half has such lively moments, especially for the mass appeal of Vikram’s screen presence. In particular, the action sequences have been very well choreographed. This would be real big delight Vikram fans, who yearned and yearned for years to see him back in this avatar. But then as the story traverses into the second hour, it gets into dark mode of complexities with tragic moments. The climax indeed is appreciable with an unexpected twist that even gets emotional too. Thaman has worked on the background score, especially during the action sequences. Couple of songs is too commendable, but the number of tracks do hamper the screenplay. Cinematography is quite good in few places, but in other places looks dull. The film could have been narrated with package of commercial elements, which would have definitely attracted the family audiences, but it goes missing here in places.


It’s all the way – Chiyaan Vikram show. The actor while experimenting with offbeat and unconventional roles might have kept away from massy paradigms. He tried something different in 10 Endrathukulla, but then here in Sketch, he gets the best due for his massive appeal. His screen presence loaded with stylish appeal is stunning. Tamannaah doesn’t have much to perform, but couple of sequences with Vikram is very well shot. RK Suresh and others in the cast don’t get much to establish their potentials, although they are talented.

What works?

1. Vikram
2. Stunt sequences and background score for it

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay
2. Songs

As mentioned earlier, Sketch has good concept with lively first half and unexpected climax. But if director Vijay Chander had tried blending the plot with good sumptuous commercial ingredients, the family audiences would have definitely enjoyed the show.

Verdict : Tailor made film for Vikram fans

Rating : 4.5/10

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