Friday Fury - When audiences saw ‘Uyire’ multiple reasons for this reason

When audiences saw ‘Uyire’ multiple reasons for this reason

Features 12-Jan-2018 5:24 PM IST Murugan Comments

There are certain movies that become box office hits in spite of the content being appropriately catering to their interests. The reason behind this is the colossal spell of songs that makes audiences come repeatedly to theatres. It is because; those were the times till early 2000s, where there was no online domination, no YouTube or any other social media platforms. We had to wait for some satellite channels that would air the song once in a week. By that time, the songs composed by AR Rahman in Hindi and later dubbed in Tamil version clicked to a greater spell.

The very opening of Maniratnam’s UYIRE, dubbed version of ‘DIL SE’ has the song ‘Thaiyya Thaiyya’ and the final song is ‘Nenjinile’. Audiences came to theatres for second and third time for the songs. As soon as the songs would get over, they would leave the theatres. Such was the greatest moment in theatres, where a film would become hit irrespective of reviews, but at least to see the songs.

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