Thadam Teaser Review

Thadam Teaser Review

Features 16-Jan-2018 10:49 AM IST RM Comments

Following the overnight success of Kuttram 23, Arun Vijay kick-started his immediate next through ‘Thadam’. In much apparent manner, the title was sending a clear assumption that it’s yet another thriller laced with suspense and mystery. Well, filmmaker Magizh Thirumeni has been so much illustrious of crafting such unconventional thrillers. The filmmaker is back with his magical hunk Arun Vijay in ‘Thadam’. The running length is less than 2 minutes and yet has lots of drama involved. Yes, as assumed and predicted, it’s a nitty-gritty suspense mystery that involves investigation over a murder.

The greatest highlight of this teaser is that we don’t see the protagonist rendering a single word as monologue or dialogue. The background score by Arun Raj happens to be a much sparkling brilliant flash point out here. The top-notch cinematography by Gopinath is strikingly spectacular with the specific tone that retains the intense suspense.

Different characters talking about a particular murder takes us for a tour into the establishment of a particular premise, the lead characters and even the twist. This is something unique that Magizh Thirumeni appeals with the teaser. The stunts choreographed by Anbariv and Stunt Silva are going to be a much spotlighting feature.

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