Tuesday Romance – How Unnale Unnale made a difference in love story

How Unnale Unnale made a difference in love story

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Over the span of many years, we have been coming across love stories that are mainly based on the male’s perspective. We would either see a guy giving up his life for the sake of love; we would see him getting the girl he loved united with someone else. There have been films, where the love was unexpressed as well. But for the first time, a new wave of romantic film happened in Tamil cinema through ‘Unnale Unnale’.

This film turned to be a huge hit because of the reason that it travelled through a woman’s perspective. It had so much of prominence to female protagonist. By the end of show, we see that the girl (Sadha) actually gives up her love for the sake of fact that misunderstanding and egoistic factors that have confined her.

She feels that the person she fell in love with has nothing wrong in character of nature. Years later, she sees him married to her very close friend (Tanisha) and yet she doesn’t meet him. The final moments of this film has so much feel-good elements although it has bittersweet essence.

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