Tuesday Romance - A love story with four reincarnations

A love story with four reincarnations

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Last week, we at Top cinema had presented a film based on reincarnation over the Throwback Thursday, which was Nenjam Marappathillai. Now, we have a similar instance for the Tuesday romance column as well. This time, we talk about a couple that have travelled through four reincarnations. It is none other than Dhanush and Amyra Dastur. The film begins with the backdrops of Burma, where Munaruna (Dhanush) and Samudhra (Amyra) are seen falling in love, but the opposition from the latter’s father leads to a tragic end. Years later, we see the same pair as Ashwin and Madhumitha working in a software firm owned by Karthik. Then through the hypnotized therapy, Madhumitha reveals that she was Kalyani, a Brahmin girl and was in love with a ruffian (Kaali), again succumbing to a tragic end. While all these stories are narrated through drama, we get to see their erstwhile to all reincarnations as a prince and princess, where Aashish Vidyarthi, who appeared in two reincarnations with lead pair as inspector and commissioner Gopinath appears as an enemy to kill Dhanush in a song sequence.

KV Anand really deserves special mention for crafting such a story and this was first of its kind reincarnation story based on four lives.

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