Savarakathi Movie Review

An emotional humour drama

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Direction : GR Aathityaa
Production : Mysskin - Lonewolf Productions
Starring : Ram, Poorna, Mysskin
Music : Arrol Corelli
Cinematography : Karthik Venkatraman
CBFC Rating: U (India)

Filmmakers Ram and Mysskin have been acknowledged as one among the finest filmmakers of South Indian industry. Well known for crafting tales of unconventional premise, they are wearing greasepaint this time for debut filmmaker Aditya’s ‘Savarakathi’. Poorna is playing the female lead role in this film, which has musical score by Arrol Corelli.


The story revolves around three characters, whose lives go through roller coaster ride of turmoil and emotional turbulence in a day time. Manga (Mysskin), a notorious criminal on parole, a barber (Pichai), who can relentlessly lie and his pregnant wife (Poorna), a lady with hearing impairment and mother of two children as well.


Having termed this film as ‘Black Comedy’, it is evident that the story sticks to a serious plot, where a crazy gone notorious criminal wants to cut down at least a hand of someone, who humiliated him. This could have been even narrated with a serious plot and would have worked out best results. But trying to blend humour to this complex premise is a real big challenge. Director Mysskin with his writing gives a convincing description of characterizations. Although, they don’t have any back stories or any prior establishments to the story premise, they are sketched in decorous manner. But the first half of the film is slightly slow and we are puzzled at times, how the movie is going to end. There is humour and there is tension, but only by the point of intermission, we are kept intact. The musical score by Arrol Corelli is worthy of appreciations. The story being limited to less than 2 hours is completely engaging. Although the first hour is slightly sluggish, the second half gains the appropriate momentum.


Mysskin and Ram have earlier appeared as actor in their films each. Their performances in this film remain reminiscent of such paradigms in few places. Mysskin’s role as a hyper frustrated person but with childlike heart is very well projected. Mysskin does it very well perfectly in many places. Ram with his witty lines and body language offers the best out of his efforts. But the complete showstopper is Poorna, who has unleashed her potentials with fantabulous performance… Others in the supporting star-cast have done a remarkable job. The henchmen accompanying Mysskin and his maternal uncle, the English speaking madman, the physically challenged brother-in-law of Ram and everyone have done a decorous acting.

What works?

1. Engaging second half

2. Star-cast and performance

3. Background score and cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1. Sluggish first half

2. Few scenes that look exaggerated

On the whole, while Mysskin’s domination could be felt in places with his routine formulae, filmmaker Aditya has made a decent attempt to showcase his efforts. It is difficult to place humour in a serious premise and he has excelled giving it a best stroke.

Verdict: An emotional humour drama

Rating: 5.5/10

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