Sundar C confirms Kalakalappu 3 and Kalakalappu 4

Following the decent opening of Kalakalappu 2, Sundar C has now confirmed that there will be third and fourth instalment in the franchise.

News 12-Feb-2018 11:30 AM IST RM Comments

Just as the title ‘Kalakalappu’, there is always celebrations and entertainment always tagged to the franchise. Much alike the first part, the recent release of second instalment too have gained an incredible response among the youth and family audiences. Recently, during a promotional programme aired on a satellite channel, the director has confirmed that there will be Kalakalappu 3 and Kalakalappu 4. The filmmaker is so much happy about the response that is seen all over Tamil Nadu.

Adding more about shooting the film in Varanasi, which is always projected as a dark land of aghoris, he said, “We initially had lots of doubts and fear that Varanasi is a land of aghoris and dead bodies being burnt everywhere, thrown into River Ganges. But in contrast, it was so much divine and every moment was serene, which reflected the joy of songs and scenes shot there. It is a spiritual land created with the meditation and prayer of Yogis and Sadhus for years and years.”

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