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Rajinikanth - Huma Qureshi's Kaala Teaser review

Features 2-Mar-2018 1:16 PM IST RM Comments

So much of fascinations and unlimited expectations have been the call of hour for many Rajinikanth fans. They have been intensely and curiously waiting for this moment that would irresistibly pop up with celebrations. The One minute 17 seconds of Kaala Teaser turns to be a much power packed treat for the fans. There is so much of stylish elements in the teaser, which indeed offers a clear picture about what the film is all about. This wasn’t the case with Kabali teaser. Yes, when compared on the ‘Mass’ criterion, it was Kabali, which was overpowering. But over here, it looks like there is more scope for drama and Rajinikanth has breathed more into the life of ‘Karikaalan’. Couple of punch dialogues – ‘Kya Re Setting aa’ and ‘Indha Karikaalanoda Muzhu Rowdy Thanatha Paathadhillala’. When it comes to musical score, it has a similar score to Kabali with high octane rap mass number. The slow motions walks as usual leaves you so much encompassed with an unbelievable charisma. The greatest highlight is to see that Rajinikanth’s wife role is played an actress from normal league. It is so much evident that Rajinikanth has completely given every decision into the hands of Pa Ranjith. It gives more hopes that the film will be more realistic and not to miss the iconic actor Nana Patekar. We cannot wait to see the combination of Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar.

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