Rajinikanth gets ‘Verified’ as he opens the account

Superstar Rajinikanth has now joined Facebook and Instagram and in few seconds after opening got ‘Verified’.

News 7-Mar-2018 10:39 AM IST RM Comments

Superstar Rajinikanth has been relentlessly working upon his projects on par with his political plans too. His powerful speech at MGR University before couple of days left everyone in the politics and many other social circles to get indulged over incessant media interactions. Now the actor has taken one more leap to get closer to the public. Yes, Thalaivar has now joined Facebook and Instagram. Within few seconds from the time he opened these accounts, they all got ‘Verified’. It is almost like Rajinikanth jokes, which has closeness to reality as well. When Rajinikanth joined Twitter, there were some fun-filled phrases like ‘Twitter follows Rajinikanth from today’.

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