Cinema strike gets more intense now

Followed by couple of weeks, the Tamil film industry strike continues and the shootings are to be called off as well.

News 10-Mar-2018 11:27 AM IST RM Comments

QUBE, UFO, PXD and couple of new profiled Digital Service Providers and Tamil Film Producer Council are into the inevitable advocacies pertaining to the tariff cards. In this context, the screening of new releases was stalled from March 1 and it continues to happen as well. In accordance, the crowds coming to theatres have been gradually declining. Apparently, theatre owners have decided to shut down the screening from March 15 placing few demands to Tamil Nadu Government. Adding more intensity to the protest, the shooting of all movies have been called off from March 16. The announcement has been officially made by Tamil Film Producer Council. It is mentioned that the decision has been made with the consent of FEFSI.

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