“The strike will bring new lease of experience for movie buffs” – Vishal

TFPC President Vishal says that post-strike regular film goers will be benefitted in a greater manner.

News 20-Mar-2018 11:31 AM IST RM Comments

Tamil Film Producer Council President Vishal has been keen along with his entire team on not letting go off this strike at an ease. When asked during a media interaction session, whether audiences will develop a drift with movie watching practice due to this strike, Vishal replied, “Let them take a break”. He continued to add saying, “Definitely, the strike will bring new lease of experience for movie buffs. Say for example, if the online booking charges are going to be just Rs.5, don’t you think it is definitely going to benefit them.”

Vishal’s Irumbu Thirai was announced of its release on March 29, but now the actor affirms that the release will be postponed. He says that post-strike, the films that were already censored ahead would be getting the preference to release first.

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