Rajinikanth Speech at Kaala Audio Launch

Complete speech of Superstar Rajinikanth in Kaala Audio Launch

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This doesn't feel like an audio launch function. It feels like a film's success meet. When we celebrated Sivaji's success, Karunanidhi had graced the occasion and spoke. I was one of the multitudes of people who wanted to hear him talk. I hope and pray we hear his voice soon. We couldn't celebrate Endhiran's success as I was not well. At that time, people told me that if you keep your mind and body healthy, you would heal soon. I don't know anything other than acting.

I was doing Kochadaiiyaan then. The proposed budget was too high so I decided to release the film as it is. So that also didn't work well. I realised that I should work with intelligent people, but not with people who are 'too smart'. Then Linga with KS Ravikumar. It was a story I really liked. It was about water scarcity. My only dream has been to unite the south Indian rivers. I would die peacefully if that happens. But that didn't work as well as we expected. Then I realized, one should be good but not too good. Both in real and onscreen. Also, I am 65 years old. I shouldn't be romancing heroines who are half my age.

People then told me Rajini is finished. But they have been saying that 40 years now. I have been running with the blessings of God and you all. No matter what negative criticism I get, I will keep doing what I can do. So I decided to adapt to the time and do age-appropriate roles. He didn't come back within the designated time with a script. So when I met him at that time, Ranjith was hesitant. He told me there was something missing and he told me that it was a lifetime opportunity and that if he messes this up, he won't have a career. I realised he wasn't an opportunist and decided he was the director. Later, I got an almost final script from Ranjith. I've never received one script in so many years except for Bloodstone.

I was a bit hesitant about the don searching for his wife. I asked Dhanu sir's advice. He loved Ranjith's script. And we started with the project.

I had to go to America so we couldn't hold a launch. I saw the film and told him that as a director you have won. But I dont know if I have won as a hero or a producer. I also told him not to ask opinions of fans for the first 2-3 days. The film went on to be a success.

After that, I casually asked Aishwarya if Wunderbar would produce films only with Dhanush. At that time, Dhanush said it wouldn't be right for us to approach. So we decided to do a film.
I heard a script from Vetrimaaran but the film is extremely political which I didn't want to do. So as time was growing, I called Ranjith again.

Kaala has politics but it's not a political film. Ranjith didn't have a concrete idea. After Malaysia, we suggested doing a film on the people in Dharavi. Ranjith went to Mumbai for three months and came back with Kaala. I told Ranjith that Kabali was Ranjith's film, but this should be his and my film as well. Ranjith would not end his life as an director. He isn't selfish. He wants to do good for his community, people and everyone around him. I have never met anyone who feels so deeply at his age.

We can't say much about the film. At the same time we shouldn't exaggerate it as well. I have had two formidable villains until now - Baasha's Antony and Padayappa's Neelambari. Now we have one more. I was so excited with Nana Patekar on board. It's a very different film and I believe that it would work. Ranjith is a producer's director. Ravikumar, you have a heir.

What you think you become, we should always be productive. Be positive and happy always. Every thought has a colour and weight. If you stay positive, life will always be good.

Media people might think I haven't spoken about the most important thing, but the time hasn't come yet. It will happen when the time is right, it will happen effectively. Hail TN, Jai Hind.

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