“I am very happy to act with Samuthrakani in this movie” – Gautham Vasudev Menon.

Gautham Vasudev Menon and Director Vijay Milton has shared their experiences in working for the upcoming movie, ‘Goli Soda – 2’

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After ‘Goli Soda’ and ‘Kadugu’, ‘Goli Soda – 2’ is the third movie produced by Rough Note Productions.

‘Goli Soda – 2’ is all set to release on June 14th in which the movie has lead characters like Samuthrakani, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Bharat Srini, Vinoth, Yesaki Bharath, Subhiksha and Krisha Kurup. Music for this movie is composed by Achu Rajamani.

Recently during the press meet for this movie, Gautham Vasudev Menon has mentioned, “When Vijay Milton narrated the script to me, I asked him who all will be part of the cast. He told me only Samuthrakani is the only experienced actor whereas all other people are fresh faces. I am very happy to act with Samuthrakani in this movie since everyone knows he helps so much without thinking. Also he has helped me in so many ways. I really had a very good experience to act with the young team”.

Vijay Milton has clearly briefed,” We have worked in this movie keeping the fact in mind such that there should not be any disappointment to the audience and there should not be a statement,”Goli soda-2 is not as good as Goli soda”. I would also like to thank directors Pandiraj and Lingu Samy for helping with Goli Soda. Also, we have spoken about the theme that every individual will have a minimal identity in his entire life and followed by that, the hurdles which everyone will face to reach the next step in this movie. Actor Samuthrakani has acted a special role in which he is a person who faces failure which is not actually similar to his real life character. He didn’t get any payment for acting in this movie. On the other hand, I was really shocked to see the performance of Gautham sir.

Achu has actually composed “Pondati…” song in just 4 hours and he has given a great background score for this movie. Next to Achu, I really need to appreciate ‘Supreme’ Sundar for making good stunt scenes. The movie has actually come out very well”.

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