Goli Soda – 2 Movie Review

Action and lots of screaming which is hard to accept and understand

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Direction: S. D. Vijay Milton
Production: Rough Note Productions
Cast: Samuthirakani, Chemban Vinod Jose, Rohini, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Bharath Seeni
Music: Achu Rajamani
Edited by Deepak
Cinematography: S. D. Vijay Milton

Vijay Milton has shown how many difficulties middle class families in North Madras face to raise their living standards and how they cross the hurdles without any financial help from others but only with the moral support of a 45 year old man.


The story starts with Nadesan (Samuthrakani), who owns a pharmacy. He starts packing up luggage to go to Ahmedabad and when he is about to start, he gets caught by the police (Gautham Vasudev Menon) in the missing case of 3 people. They show photos of different people to Nadesan by which he starts narrating about what happened to the people he was conversing in his daily routine. He starts telling about Maaran (Bharat Seeni) works as a driver to a North Madras Don Thillai (Chemban Vinod), Oli (Esakki Bharat), working in a parotta shop with an ambition to get a good job by winning in basketball matches and Siva is an auto driver, wishing to buy a car and drive it as taxi. All the 3 youngsters try to succeed in their life without any proper financial support. Maaran loves Inba (Subhiksha). Inba wants Maaran to resign the job and get a proper descent job. Oli falls in love with Madhi (Krisha Kurup). Nadesan is a common friend for all the above mentioned youngsters. Due to several terrible situations, Maaran is affected by Thillai, Oli gets threats from Seema Raja (Stunt Siva) because of loving Madhi and Siva gets issues from Thanasekar (Saravana Subbhaiyah). On the other hand, Nadesan is an ex-policeman who faced failures and insults during his posting and a common man now who follows peace in his life. The 3 youngsters will get troubles from 3 big dons. Whether they manage this by being silent or they raise their voices against these dons to make their life successful and go to Ahmedabad with the help of Nadesan will be the rest of story


The story has a great twist in the climax whereas the unexpected scenes are hardly found. Vijay Milton has given a sketch of North Madras happenings which has become quiet usual in all gangster based movies. Characters plotted are neat with a good screenplay whereas songs and background scores were not that effective. The story has an action ventured plot whereas there is more shouting than action. Yet, this movie is an action entertainer such that the performance of the cast is the talking aspect in the movie.


The entire cast has actually done a good job whereas the screenplay was little confusing with the twists in the climax. The narration was beneficially supported to lift up the screenplay. Director has given priorities to almost all the characters in this movie without giving less importance to any character. Overall performance can be rated as a good movie with tiny pits and pots here and there.

What works?

1. Cast Involvement

2. Technical aspects (Camera Angles)

What doesn’t work?

1. Unexpected stunt scenes

2. Scenes without logic

Verdict: Action and lots of screaming which is hard to accept and understand.

Ratings: 5/10

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