Asuravadham Movie Review

Destruction of evil ‘Asuras’ (Demons) who attempt social abuse.

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Direction: Maruthupandian
Production: Seven Screen Studios
Cast: Sasikumar, Nandita Swetha, Vasumitra and Baby Avyga
Music: Goivnd Vasanth
Cinematography: S. R. Kathir

After Kodiveeran this time Sasikumar joined with Debut Director Maruthupandian, which is expected to be an action packed entertainer. Will the director prove ASURAVADHAM can kill Demons ?

The story starts with a missed call by which the villain Vasumitra is alerted that someone is watching him. On the other hand, having problems with his wife, Vasumitra is warned by his father-in-law to take care of his daughter. Then the story moves with a stranger (Sasikumar) who is following Vasumitra and torturing him to death. Vasumitra, being in home alone, gets blood shivering threats from Sasikumar without knowing the reason of Sasikumar’s tortures. He tries to stay calm with the help of his neighborhood people and relatives. Sasikumar breaks all his protection chains and attacks him. He kidnaps Vasumitra along with his wife and tortures him. He tortures Vasumitra such that he makes him think that he has raped his wife. But he doesn’t. With so much anger, Vasumitra escapes to kill Sasikumar. In order to know the reason about Sasikumar’s revenge, he goes to seek a policeman’s (Sreejith Ravi) help to catch Sasikumar alive. Sreejith Ravi helps him by making a sketch to catch Sasikumar by making Vasumitra stay in a local lodge with the protection of third rated criminals. Whether Sasikumar kills Vasumitra? Whether Vasumitra finds the story behind Sasikumar’s revenge is revealed in the climax.


The storyline creates a clear cut idea till interval block that there is a horrible flashback hidden in Sasikumar’s . The movie has inserts of some logic lag such that no police force is involved in the scenario happening in the story. Showcase of extra characters makes the movie look so clumsy disturbing the idea to be conveyed easily. Visuals and background score has influenced to feel and visualize the situations portrayed in the movie, builds the strength for the story execution. The revenge taken is exactly revealed whereas extra screaming of the villain seems to be unwanted for the movie. The silence of the hero is used well throughout the movie but it makes the climax too much lagged out even after breaking the suspense.


The director has given very less importance for dialogues in this movie whereas it makes audience to have a surprise factor that how Sasikumar’s movie doesn’t have any powerful dialogues. Nandita does the cameo role as Sasikumar’s wife which will be revealed only in flashback. Characterization of the lead characters is dominant with fewer dialogues whereas the background score has added up the strong essence to the storyline.

What works?
1. Thrilling first half
2. The Clash between Sasikumar and Vasumitra
3. Cinematography, Background Score and Editing

What doesn’t work?
1. Dragging Second half
2. Unwanted Characters

On the whole...
This movie is one of Sasikumar’s prominent movies in the recent times with more silence breaking scenes battling for a social cause.

Verdict: Destruction of evil ‘Asuras’ (Demons) who attempt social abuse.

Ratings: 5.5/10

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