‘Mr.Chandramouli’ Movie Review

Piling up with great expectations through the trailer and video songs of ‘Mr.Chandramouli’, this movie with the cast involving father-son combo of Karthik and Gautham Karthik along with Regina Casse

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Direction: Thiru
Production: ‘BOFTA Media Works’ and ‘Creative Entertainers’
Cast: Gautham Karthik, Karthik, Regina Cassendra and Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar
Music: Sam C S
Cinematography: Richard M Nathan
Editor: T S Suresh

Piling up with great expectations through the trailer and video songs of ‘Mr.Chandramouli’, this movie with the cast involving father-son combo of Karthik and Gautham Karthik along with Regina Cassendra, Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, Mahendran, Sathish, Santhosh Pratap and Mime Gopi has given hopes to be an exact family entertainer. Whether this movie has marked up to the expectations? Whether the story breaks down the controversies will be known much in detail in the below.


The movie starts with Raghav (Gautham Karthik) trying to get conscious in the hospital and when doctor shows him a mirror to see himself with the bruises and starts thinking about how this happened. Going to flashback and having an entry of ‘Mr.Chandramouli’ (Karthik) getting stuck with his old car in the middle of the road and creating traffic jam, Chandramouli doesn’t listens to anyone to change his damaged car since he has a deep sentiment of his late wife liking the car. Raghav who is a boxing athlete reaches to Go Cab Owner (Santhosh Pratap) for sponsoring him for his matches. This owner, who gets issues in his business due to the competitor’s influences, refuses to give sponsorship such that Raghav gets sponsorship from the other cab owner. On the other hand, many murders, accidents and rapes will be happening in the city due to Go Cab Drivers. In this corporate competition because of cab company owners, Chandramouli’s family is trapped. Finally whether Raghav fights with the one who spoiled his family’s happiness and who will be associated with the crimes in the city explains in the story!


Having a storyline with a jolly glamour part and father-son sentiments in the first half and continued with the serious thrilling second part creates a great transition in the movie. The action sequences used in the stunt portions of this movie has increased the visualizing compound very interesting with the help of Sam C S’s background score. This movie towards the end which had some twists with little confusion raising part has been well balanced with the smart technological suspense. Giving a message that danger will be everywhere but only if you travel with the strong will to manage the consequences, is one of the best thing that this movie has made viewers to understand. Not only having a heroine to be in a glamour song, Director Thiru has made a strong position for Regina Cassendra (Madhu) in this movie.


Overall cast performance was up to the mark such that being in a character of a boxer; Gautham has proved his fitness regime in this movie. Regina Cassendra who travels throughout the movie helps in adding beauty to the frame with an intelligent girl role. Watching Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar in rude rigid roles, she looks absolutely pretty with her looks on screen which is much different from her previous movies. Sathish who generally makes humor on screen has turned to be a strong supporting character in this movie. Negatives can be stated as Weightage of Mahendran’s character and lack of Sathish’s humor. Finally to tell about Karthik as Mr.Chandramouli, he has been touching with emotional portions and serious sequences which make the story to build up consequently.

What works?

1) Second Half
2) Gautham and Regina’s performance
3) Cinematography, Editing and Music

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow First half
2) Karthik’s over performance

On the whole, this movie is a packed family entertainer with lots of detailing about technology usage with more sentiments and suspense break downs.


Mr.Chandramouli’s car travels as an absolute family entertainer with the battle of two corporate owners by setting trap to the public

Ratings : 5.5/10

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