“They have always felt that I am an arrogant f****r”! – STR

Couple of days ago, Our ‘Open Panna’ team had a brief interview with Young Superstar, discussing about his experiences, success and failures.

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Much before the title announcement of Venkat Prabhu’s movie ‘Maanaadu’, STR’s interview with ‘Open Panna’ team for ‘Inga Thaan Twistu’ has been viral mentioning about his experiences, controversies and career. When STR is questioned about his schooling and his winning situations in competitions, he answered how he was engaging with all other extra-curricular activities. As we all know, STR being talented had no option without taking part in competitions and events during school. STR stated that he studied so well till his 5th grade and after some point he felt more discomfort able with the educational pressure from his parents. He also thanked his teachers who helped him when he started acting simultaneously in his school time. Also with great excitement that he added about getting scared about studying in the context, “Adi Villum Veetla” and the main reason why he participated in Table Tennis, Sports, Dance etc., was that he never likes to sit in class. Narrating about winning trophies he added up how his mom made him understand about what he should do in life. This is how STR expressed his interest about getting attached with art and how his interest developed.

When a question regarding his acting in his earlier movies like ‘Thotti Jaya’ and few other movies which was approached to other actors, STR surprisingly questioned back that why he is appreciated today and why he was not appreciated during the movie release. He explained how audience made a calculation to accept one actor as a good star only after acting in many movies with more genres. He has expressed his grief how he was criticized about his style and punch dialogue delivery during his early career. He has asked people back in the interview if their own kid becomes a big star, will they be criticizing in the same way he was criticized. He has expressed his pride of being frank and open with his character in the context, “Aama da Ma******i.. Naa apdi Thaan da!”.. He felt very bad that why people were cornering him in every stage of life analyzing his career, character and personal space instead of feeling pity for him.

Expressing his deep grief on how people have talked about his career and personal life, he said that he had removed the titles, ‘Little Superstar’ and ‘Young Superstar’ from his movies for all the haters who didn’t accept him as a star. He has finally broken down by telling, “I don’t even want your appreciation and just leave me alone”. He was very emotional while he explained how he struggled from his childhood creating a bench mark in the film industry and also by mentioning his breaks in ’Manmadhan’, ‘Vallavan’. At certain point, he couldn’t accept people criticizing him that he is imitating Superstar and he has been introduced in the film industry only because of his dad. With the conclusion to this video, STR has stated that he is ready to prove people with his actions and make his diehard fans proud about what he is, ending with the content, “Naa Iruken, Varen, Panraen Nambunga..”

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