Suriya and Karthi to raise their helping hands for Kerala floods!

Actors and brothers – Suriya and Karthi have announced to donate Rs.25 lakhs for Kerala CM Distress Relief Fund.

News 11-Aug-2018 4:27 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Flooded all over the state with continuous rainfall for several days, the daily routine of people in Kerala has been affected with so much loss in property and lives. By seeing the situation worsening day by day, Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinrayi Vijayan had been requesting for funds to help in overcoming the ravaging calamity. In response to this on behalf of Kerala Actors’ Association, an amount of Rs.10 lakhs has been funded as a disaster relief. Continued with this, as an immediate and generous response, Suriya and Karthi from K-Town has announced today about waving their helping hands by donating Rs.25 lakhs to Kerala Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund.

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