Maddy to join hands with ‘Odu Raja Odu’ team!

Next to ‘Odu Raja Odu’, ‘Vijay Moolan Talkies’ has been signed in bankrolling Madhavan’s movie.

News 16-Aug-2018 1:59 PM IST Top 10 Comments

After bankrolling for ‘Odu Raja Odu’ starring Guru Somasundaram, Simran, Nazar and Lakshmi Priya, which is nearing to the release on screens by tomorrow (17/8/18), the banner of ‘Vijay Moolan Talkies’ has been stated to produce a film which is directed bilingually in Hindi and Tamil by a famous Bollywood director starring actor Madhavan as a protagonist and is stated to start rolling up by the month of October. Apart from this, Madhavan who is paired up with Shraddha Srinath in Dilip Kumar’s debut directorial ‘Maara’, is also pepping out with continuous shooting.

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