Lakshmi movie review!

Only for dance and not for emotions!

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Direction: A. L. Vijay

Production: Pramod Films & Trident Arts

Cast: Prabhu Deva, Ditya Bhande, Aishwarya Rajesh, Karunakaran, Kovai Sarala

Music: Sam C. S.

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

Editor: Anthony

After ‘ABCD’ and ‘ABCD 2’, it was much expected and wondered how the ‘Indian Michael Jackson’ i.e: actor Prabhu Deva is going to stun with his moves in Lakshmi. Whether it is about dance or about emotion? Will it be touching the concepts of parents restrictions in kid’s interests and passion? The latter explains about this.


‘Lakshmi’ (Ditya Bhande) is a 10 year old girl who has great passion towards dance. Even when she wakes up she dances and starts her routine. Scared because of her mom’s dislike in dance, Lakshmi wishes to join a dance academy and wanted to win the title of ‘Pride Of India’ in a dance reality show. Krishna (Prabhu Deva), who sees her interest towards dance, understands this and helps her to take part in the competition. When Lakshmi faces the crowd while dancing for the first time, she gets disqualified and gets support from Krishna, as a result of which she comes to know that Krishna is a great dancer and was taking part in the same competition before 12 years. On the other hand, Lakshmi’s mom, Nandhini (Aishwarya Rajesh) has a terrible past in her life which made her love interest to be apart from her because of dance. Will ‘Lakshmi’ win in the dance competition and make her mom accept her passion? Will Prabhu Deva get his dream achieved through Lakshmi?


Special appreciations for A L Vijay for writing a completely dance based film with Prabhu Deva. Choosing the perfect set of trained dancers and a bunch of talented kids are the positive aspects of the movie. Relating passion and showcasing it in TV reality shows, Vijay has tried his best to make kids perform with so much effort. However it might be because of thinking only about dance as a core, Vijay didn’t think about revealing much about the mom and daughter sentiment in this movie. Expected and usual travel of the story is an important con of the movie. But with the involvement of the experienced crew members with Sam C S’s music, Nirav Shah’s cinematography and Antony’s editing has helped the movie to look presentable in the technical aspect.

The title character ‘Lakshmi’ is a very interesting role in which Ditya has amazed with her naughty attitude and stunning dance moves but having a North Indian face cut, Ditya’s role as a South Indian kid is not easily acceptable. However Prabhu Deva’s dance and performance has been perfectly characterized except giving a thought that his performance might have been utilized in the climax sequence. Aishwarya Rajesh’s character seems to be a weak mom which is not justified without sentiments. Also Karunakaran’s character is also seems to be without much participation in the movie. Apart from this, Sophie and the Bollywood Dance Choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan’s performances are utilized only because of dance involvement.

What works?

1) The dance of Prabhu Deva and the kids

2) Technical aspects

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual and expected story

2) Not utilizing proper emotions

On the whole,

‘Lakshmi’ would have gained more hearts if she would have delivered with natural expressions. Appreciations for A L Vijay to make a dance oriented movie at this time since the number of dance based movies are in countable numbers. But utilizing Prabhu Deva especially only for dance in the movie is not acceptable.

Verdict: Only for dance and not for emotions!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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