‘NOTA’ to involve the face of A R Murugadoss!

Director Anand Shankar has made his mentor, director A R Murugadoss to act in his upcoming movie ‘NOTA’.

News 12-Sep-2018 3:15 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Next to ‘Irumugam’, Director Anand Shankar has been working on the political drama, ‘NOTA’ involving ‘Arjun Reddy’ fame Vijay Devarkonda and Mehreen Pirzada in lead roles. Bankrolled by ‘Studio Green’, the teaser and trailer of this movie have been viral in Internet recently. On the other hand, it was speculated that Director Murugadoss who was a mentor of Anand Shankar, has played a guest role in ‘NOTA”. Confirming this, Anand has updated in his twitter page with a photo of him explaining the dialogues to Director A R Murugadoss with a caption stating that “What a pleasurable moment! I was the director for my director who was today, the actor”. A R Murgadoss who generally peeps for minute frames in the movies he direct and produce, is now stated to appear as an actor in his assistant’s movie for the first time. After ‘Arima Nambi’ and ‘Irumugam’, Anand’s ‘NOTA’ seems to touch the wings of present democratic politics and is expected to hit on screens very soon.

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