Theevandi (Malayalam) - Review

Theevandi (Malayalam) - Review

Reviews 12-Sep-2018 7:58 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Fellini T. P

Production: August Cinemas

Cast: Tovino Thomas, Samyuktha Menon, Rajesh Sharma and Suraaj Venjarammoodu

Music: Kailas Menon

Cinematography: Gautham Sankar

Editor: Appu Bhattathiri

Hyped with the melody numbers of audio tracks composed by Kailas Menon, it is clearly understood that ‘Theevandi’ (chain smoker) revolves the story of a person who is addicted to cigarrete smoking. Directed by the debut director Fellini T. P and produced under the banner of ‘August Cinemas’, this movie involves Tovino Thomas as a protagonist who seems to romance with Samyuktha Menon. After the release of ‘Theevandi’ on September 7th, it has been buzzing with statuses and posts of many people in Internet about quitting the smoking addiction. Will this movie have a message against cigarrete smoking? Will the movie really make people to stop their smoking habit? What will happen to Tovino being a chain smoker? Is this movie about politics?

Bineesh Damodaran (Tovino Thomas) who is born by the inhalation of cigarette is commonly referred as ‘Theevandi’ by everyone, is a guy who will be roaming around the village of Pullinad with his politician brother in law, Vijith (Saiju Kurup). Having no idea about the consequences of smoking, he starts smoking by seeing his uncle, Ammavan (Sudheesh) smoking since his childhood. Do you imagine a man smoking 16 packets of cigarettes all together in one blow? Bineesh is that addictive to attempt all those Guinness breaking adventures. He gets marriage proposal from the family of his childhood love interest, Devi (Samyuktha Menon ). Devi’s dad, Madhu (Suraaj Venjarammoodu) who is against Bineesh and his smoking habit, becomes a competent of Vijith to stand as a candidate in election since the party leader unfortunately faces a terrible accident. Developed with conflicts Madhu challenges Vijith to take the candidate position on one condition that if Bineesh succeeds without smoking till the day of human chain programme event. Will ‘Theevandi’ stop smoking and save his brother in law? Will he try smoking without anyone’s knowledge between the while? What will be the struggles of Bineesh to overcome people tempting in front of him to smoke? Who will win the position in the party? Can we expect the ‘miracle’ to happen? All these queries will be smoked out in climax!

As usual, no words can be used to praise the visualization of Mollywood cinematographers and editors. The lighting and the color tone with soothing audio has added a colorful flavor to this political drama. However they have inserted jolly wits and expected sequences in between with the touchup of easily understanding local and rural language depicting the practical happenings of a typical village.

On the whole, it is a hard situation for implementing in any story to convey the awareness of a bad habit without depression. ‘Theevandi’ is a safe tale play of the debut director Fellini and has smoked up in every chain smoker’s mind as “What makes me to smoke so hard and why don’t I quit?”

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