‘Seemaraja’ Movie Review!

‘Seemaraja’ Movie Review!

Reviews 13-Sep-2018 5:10 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Ponram

Production: 24 AM Studios

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Samantha, Napoleon, Simran, Soori and Yogi Babu

Music: D Imman

Cinematography: Balasubramaniem

Editor: Vivek Harshan

After ‘Varthapadaatha Vaalibar Sangam’ and ‘Rajini Murugan’, Ponram has teamed up once again with Sivakarthikeyan - Soori combination in ‘Seemaraja’. With the village style, semi folk strings of D Imman, will ‘Seemaraja’ bring back the colors of ‘VVS’ and ‘Rajini Murugan’? Will this story make us feel the glimpse of history about Tamil Kings?


Descended from the Tamil King, Pandian Dynasty, ‘Seemaraja’ (Siva Karthikeyan) is the upcoming King of ‘Singampatti’ after his father and King Seevalaperi Pandi (Napoleon). Having a huge history about the Kingdom, Seemaraja is a young and lethargic prince of Singampatti such that he breaks the locks of the sealed gate in a market which created a great dispute between two villages, Singampatti and Pulliyampetti. Kaaleeshwari (Simran) who is a boss lady ruled Pulliyampetti and had the control of her husband, Lal. In a conflict of making farmers to sell their agricultural lands to highly sophisticated businessmen from elsewhere, Napoleon tries to convince the farmers by telling about the importance of agriculture. Due to the insults and objection given by the farmers, Napoleon unexpectedly graves his life to rest in peace. On the other hand, Suthanthira Selvi (Samantha) who is a PT teacher and a well-trained Silambam master, is the daughter of Lal. Having a background of living alone as a single child her father (Lal) tries to keep her with him knowing her love interest on Kaaleeshwari. Knowing about the love, Lal takes away Selvi with him because of the grudge he has in Seemaraja. Will ‘Seemaraja’ make the farmers to understand about the importance of agriculture? Will ‘Seemaraja’ rescue Suthanthira Selvi from the clutches of her father? Will he understand and do the duty and responsibilities of a Tamil King? The remaining is revealed with the reaction and action of Singampatti ‘Super King’ in the climax.


Inorder to create the same vibes of ‘VVS’ and ‘Rajini Murugan’, Ponram has stepped into another level in ‘Seemaraja’ with the inclusion of reviving history about Tamil Kings. However concentrating on the action sequences and comedy, it seems like Ponram had been thinking so much to direct the entertainer with different storyline and screenplay. With a romance between Samantha and SK and comedy between Soori and SK in the first half, the movie travels without entering into the core of the story till interval block. Even though the movie had good build up with a period flash back and portraying it with effective visuals, the movie is not tapped further with the history. Second half with unwanted comedy and songs definitely might test the patience of the audience to watch the movie. Besides the fact, Ponram has tried to pass on love, comedy and entertainment as a pack, it feels like he wants to imply about the information about an unknown weapon of Pandian Dynasty, ‘Valari’ (something similar to Boomerang) than agriculture and history about Kings. Although Imman’s music is a good boost up for romance in the movie, it looks over exaggerated with the feeding of more songs then and there. An important pro of ‘Seemaraja’ which deserves appreciation is Balasubramanien’s colourful cinematography.


The sincere efforts of Siva Karthikeyan are completely understood in ‘Seemaraja’ apart from the inclusion of unwanted comedy with Soori. But still his romance and comedy seems to be pointed out even it has a serious message. SK, having strong and bold looks of King in the flash back portion, it might make us think it would have been concentrated with some more efforts in attitude and body language. Owing a character of a Silamabam and PT teacher, Samantha travelled like a normal heroine’s appearance throughout the movie. Apart from that, Simran’s terror lady character seems to be a different attempt in her career proving that she is a good performer. As usual following the same trend of getting defeated and welcoming punches from the hero, Lal has moved on in an usual negative shade. Napoleon, appearing after a long gap in movies, has played a roll of a dummy King but with humor in ‘Seemaraja’. Last but not the least; Soori’s comedy has helped to hang on to the entertainment with lags then and there. Overall, if you expect and compare this movie to ‘VVS’ and ‘Rajini Murugan’, it might not much enjoyable due to familiar lags at some point.

What works?

1) Some comedy scenes of SK & Soori

2) Balasubramaniem cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Story

2) Not thrilling screenplay

3) Run time

On the whole, although the movie had more hypes and expectations of bringing back ‘VVS’ and ‘Rajini Murugan’ through promotions before the release, it faces heavy toppling for fulfilling the range of an entertainer in the screenplay.

Verdict : ‘Seemaraja’ is all about defeats in screenplay than conquering hearts!

Ratings : 4.5/10

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