‘U - Turn’ Movie Review!

‘U - Turn’ Movie Review!

Reviews 13-Sep-2018 6:18 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Pawan Kumar

Production: BR8 Creations, V. Y. Combines and Srinivasa Silver Screen

Cast: Samantha Akkineni , Aadhi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran and Bhumika Chawla

Music: Poorna Chandra Tejaswi

Cinematography: Poorna Chandra Tejaswi

Editor: Suresh Arumugam

With 2 releases on the same day, Samantha seems to be over exciting for entertaining her fans with two different genres and characters in ‘Seemaraja’ and ‘U - Turn’. Reprising Sharddha Srinath’s character in the Tamil and Telugu remake of ‘U – Turn’, will Samantha cope up by doing justice to the role in this thriller?


Rachana (Samantha) is a young intern journalist who is ambitious and tries to go in depth for writing an article. Since she concentrates more on the series of death happening due to the centre median violation in a bridge, Rachana is suspected as the reason behind all the deaths. Somehow telling her point of view to the police, Rachana seems to prove innocent such that she faces people’s death directly without any clue. Trying to figure out who is the reason for all the problems, she seeks help from a cop, Nayak (Aadhi) and his office crush, Aditya (Rahul) who is also a senior journalist. Inorder to find the mystery of who and what the reason is for the deaths, Rachana herself violates by moving the divider and taking U - Turn in the same strange bridge. Will she find the reason? Whether she finds someone or she is the murderer? What will happen and how the deaths come to an end? The remaining makes a great ‘U – Turn’ in the climax!


Having a very unusual storyline, the remake seems to play with new turnings and more thrills throughout the movie. Somehow making us think at some point that Samantha might be the murderer of the continuous deaths till interval, Director Pawan Kumar has slightly added up more spice and doubts nearing to the end as well. However, Climax can relate us to get a strong message with fear while Pawan has created the fearful thought as ‘Shankar’s ‘Anniyan’ (killing for violating traffic) is better’. Compared to Kannada, the remake seems to be little improvised and modified then and there with more dialogues and thrilling extensions. The dark cinematography of Poorna Chandra Tejaswi supports the screenplay for getting connected to the situation in the movie whereas at some instances in the first half, we might feel like if the first half is trimmed slightly, the story would have travelled with little more speed. Revolving the story with very less number of characters and locations, the overall movie looks neat and descent till the end.


Stepping to concentrate more on character and dialogue delivery in this movie, Samantha has done her best with her semi Tomboyish haircut by getting adopted to the character and the body language of a journalist. Aadhi who travels with Samantha to find and know what is behind the scenes of the deaths, has carried over the role of cop with so much understanding. Once again sharing screen space with Samantha almost after 8 years of ‘Moscowin Kauvery’, Rahul has helped the story to move beyond the thrills. Even though Bhumika, Naren and ‘Aadukalam’ Narein shared their faces for a short duration, they have absolutely supported ‘U – Turn’ to get into a fulfilled and well-shaped climax.

What works?

1) Screenplay

2) Cast, Cinematography and improved climax

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow 1st half

On the whole, ‘U – Turn’ is a thriller delight to Tamil and Telugu fans of Samantha. Than acting, ‘Rachana’ will definitely bring ‘U – Turns’ in jerks and doubts to corner of our seats if Kannada movie is not seen before watching the remade version.

Verdict : Making aware of ‘U – Turns are strictly prohibited’ message with thrills.

Ratings : 5/10

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