“It was a good experience directing father and son!” – Director Bala

The crew has been addressing the press and people assembled in ‘Varma’ teaser launch.

News 24-Sep-2018 11:57 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Remaking the movie ‘Arjun Reddy’ in Tamil as ‘Varma’, Director Bala has directed the remake movie with the debut actors Dhruv Vikram (Vikram’s son) and Bengali actress, Megha Chowdhary in lead roles.

Introducing Dhruv on the occasion of his birthday yesterday (24/9/2018) in the event of ‘Varma’ teaser launch, Bala has addressed the press stating that, “When I was directing Vikram in ‘Sethu’, Dhruv was just 6 years old. Now I am very happy to introduce him in my direction. It was a good experience directing father and son. Dhuruv didn’t trouble me much during the shoot. By understanding my words, he will be giving the output than I usually expect. Dhruv has definitely a great future in Cinema.”

When Dhruv talked, he said, “I got this chance through my dubsmash video. I have studied film making and acting courses in foreign. Since it is Bala Uncle’s movie, I have agreed for the call immediately. I have been a great fan for my dad’s acting. But I aim for coming up with my unique identity.”

When Vikram talked about his son’s first movie, he has stated, “After directing me, Bala has been directing my son and I am greatly thankful to Bala on my family’s behalf. I wished my son to be introduced in Cinema through Bala’s directorial. That has been fulfilled through ‘Varma’. I am extremely happy for this.”

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