P Vasu directs a movie with 'MGR'!

The upcoming movie with featuring MGR is directed by P Vasu with a new digitalized technology, ‘N Face’.

News 25-Sep-2018 4:22 PM IST Top 10 Comments

With the release of MGR’s animation movie, ‘Kizhalkku Africavil Raju’ very soon, there is another movie with MGR to be trending with the direction of P Vasu.

Orange County is leading an International ensemble of Global Technicians on the Production front in Malaysia. This production banner has been producing a completely digitalized movie by featuring ‘MGR’ with a new digitalized technology called ‘N Face’. It is also stated that there will be the featuring of MGR‘s life history with the involvement of specialized VFX technicians for this movie. Directed by P Vasu, the movie is expected to be made in India, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Other than Indian technicians, this movie has involved International technicians. When Orange County’s CEO, Dato Margali Palaney, talked about the direction of P Vasu in this movie, he has stated that, "Director Vasu has a unique advantage of directing this project, as he literally grew up watching MGR in all possible angles, as his father used to be MGR's make-up man. Since MGR has been visiting them on a regular basis, the habits, the activities, the delicate nuances of his mannerisms having been well absorbed by Vasu since childhood, made him a natural choice to direct this photo-realistic film. Apart from this, Director Vasu is blessed with the innate talent to extract extraordinary performance required for this movie- another hallmark of his directorial excellence."

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