“‘Raatchasan’ was not agreed by 20 Producers and 17 actors” – Director Ram Kumar!

The team of ‘Raatchasan’ had the audio launch of this movie yesterday in Chennai.

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After 4 years of ‘Mundasapatti’, Director Ramkumar’s ‘Raatchasan’ with Vishal, is nearing for the release on October 5th. Bankrolled by G. Dilli Babu and R. Sridhar’s ‘Axess Film Factory’, the cast of this movie involves Vishnu, Amala Paul, Suzane George, Sanjay, Kaali Venkat and Ramdoss in important roles. With the musical composition of Ghibran, the cinematography and editing of this thriller is handled by P V Sankar and Sanlokesh respectively.

When Ghibran spoke about working in this movie, he has stated that, “Generally when there is a movie release, I will be scared once the release date is nearing. But because of the confidence I have in this movie, I am not scared like that. The performance of the cast in this thriller is absolutely splendid. That has actually helped me to give better scoring of background music in this movie.”

When Amala Paul spoke, she has spoken with a great confidence by telling that, “Firstly Director Ram didn’t tell the story of this movie to me properly. After that Vishnu has told me that Ram is kind of a shy type and Vishnu himself has briefed me about my character. Then only I have agreed for acting in this movie. If it is a horror movie, audience will usually compare with Hollywood movies. But this movie will make us tell that this is a thriller movie from our place with nativity. This movie will be a benchmark for thriller movies.”

When Vishnu shared his experience in working for this movie, he said, “When I was acting ‘Mundasapatti’, I told Ram that ‘We have to do a movie once again’. Ram told me that it will take some more time. But I didn’t know that it will take 4 years. This story has come to me after many obstacles. This movie will succeed definitely.”

When Director Ram Kumar talked about this thriller, he said, “I have narrated this story to 20 Producers and 17 actors after ‘Mundasapatti’. But nobody has come forward to produce and act in this movie. Then after Dilli Babu and Sridhar from ‘Axess Film Factory’ has accepted to produce this movie by trusting me. In the same way and with the same trust, Vishnu and Amala Paul have also come forward to act in this movie. ‘Raatchasan’ has come out very well. Nobody will be disappointed by this movie”.

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