Riythvika owns the winning pride after Arav!

Next to Arav winning in 1st season, Actress Riythvika has won first place in the second season of ‘Bigg Boss’.

News 1-Oct-2018 11:32 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Making great craze to the TV audience, with the hosting of Kamal Haasan, ‘Bigg Boss’ in Vijay TV has been sensational among all TV shows. Continued after ‘Bigg Boss’ in 2017, ‘Bigg Boss 2’ has been going on full swing. Having the grand finale yesterday, the contestants and celebrities like Mumtaz, Balaji, Nithya, Janani Iyer, Aishwarya Dutta, Ponnambalam, Sendraayan, Danniel Annie Pope, Riythvika, Yaashika Anand, Mahath, Shaariq, Mamati Chaari, Ananth Vaiydhyanadhan, Ramya NSK and Vaishnavi has been so curious to know who will be the title winner of the show of being inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ home for 100 days. Overcoming all struggles and honestly playing the game, Riythvika who has played roles in movies like ‘Madras’, ‘Oru Naal Koothu’, ‘Kabali’ and ‘Irumugan’, has won the grand show’s first place. It is also stated that Riythika has been positioned in the place of Arav who has won the title in Season 1. Winning in this show with trophy and Rs. 50,00,000 price amount, Riythvika has been extremely happy with everyone’s wishes to reach still more great heights.

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