‘Raatchasan’ Movie Review!

‘Raatchasan’ Movie Review!

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Direction: Ramkumar
Production: Axess Film Factory
Cast: Vishnu, Amala Paul, Suzane George, Sanjay, Kaali Venkat and Ramdoss
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography: P. V. Sankar
Editor: San Lokesh

Revealing that it has a serious subject in the genre of psychological thriller, ‘Mundasupatti’ Ramkumar is stated to have been waiting for several days to make this movie with the coming forward of producers and actors. The sneak peeks and trailer of ‘Raatchasan’ seems to give no clue about who will be the villain. With ‘U/A’ censor certificate, will the movie have a strong vulgar content? Will it be so depressing? Will the mystery of finding ‘Raatchasan’ come to an end?


Arun (Vishnu) is an aspiring film maker who works hard and does more research to direct a quality psychology thriller. Roaming all around production houses and behind producers, his script is not agreed and he loses hope on becoming a director which ends up making use of his late dad’s police job. He starts his career as a SI in a police station where he finds a school girl missing case to be suspicious. He tries to recollect and compare the traces of the missing and death cases of the 15 year old girls where he finds all the deaths happening back to back has some weird connection. Letting his subordinates to know about his doubts, his superior officers stop minding his words. Not leaving it as a simple thing, Arun then continues to investigate further. He then meets Viji (Amala Paul) in a school who is a care taker of a kid and a teacher. In order to know about how the kidnapping and murders are happening, Arun approaches Viji such that she denies helping him in order to take care of the kid. Besides all these, situations make Viji to understand further that Arun needs her help in solving the mystery and getting him clues to finish off the case. Why the serial killer is so cruel? What will happen next? Will Arun save his family from the serial killer? How he is going to catch the killer? The clues starting with a ‘star’ image and a word ‘RACE’ behind the auto in which a murdered girl was kidnapped, to the finding of the serial killer and continuous murders along with the gifting of dolls with damaged head (symbolizes how the girl will be murdered), Arun is directed to find out the ‘Raatchasan’ behind all these miseries happening!


After ‘Mundasupatti’, Director Ramkumar has tried a new attempt of giving a very interesting psychological thriller. However following the same template of every serial killer movies in Hollywood and in many regional movies, the screenplay is completely thrilling by creating fear to throat till the end. Maintaining the same level of thrill in the first half and the second half, it was revealed much before the interval that the school girls were murdered because of a specific serial killer. Having similar scenes of missing the murderer for consecutive 3 to four times, it gave a slight delay in revealing who is the villain to drag till climax. Apart from that, Susan’s grudge on Vishnu for telling his views in the case, magic tricks of the serial killer and Amala Paul’s portion with the kid seems to be like squeeze more in the screen play to pass time with a runtime of 2 hours and 32 minutes. With the vibrant cinematography of P. V. Sankar and thrilling editing cuts of San Lokesh and Ghibran’s interesting background score has influenced the screenplay of the movie. Giving a scary feeling for parents and for women, ‘Raatchasan’ is one of the complete engaging stories in the recent times.


In order to make his subordinates understand about his views and help out the innocent kids from the crucial and vigorous killer, Vishnu has done his role very aptly by understanding the depth of the character. Stated to be an important thriller movie in his career, Vishnu has owed the character of a struggling cop to find the mystery with utmost concentration in his performance. Not so important to the story and being as a teacher, Amala Paul has fulfilled with her performance as much as required for the movie. Seeing Munishkanth and Kaali Venkat in humor sequences in their previous movies so far, to see them in the roles of sincere policemen, they have set an added variance and developed their way of acting much more in this movie. As a doctor who does postmortem, ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi, he has performed very well in spite of falling on the terrible villain’s trap. Suzane who is bearing the hindrance to the suspicious views of Vishnu in the case, the school girls and the horrible villain has acted their roles retaining the same thrill till climax.

What works?

1) Thrilling and engaging screenplay

2) Cinematography and background score

3) Climax

What doesn’t work?

1) Elongated and repeated twists and turns

2) Squeezed unwanted characters and sequences

On the whole, showering the reminder of psychological thriller era, ‘Raatchasan’ is an interesting and thrilling treat for serial killer movie lovers but will be a scary nightmare for the weak hearted ladies and kids.

Verdict : Thrilling with magic but cruel with evil minded.

Ratings : 5/10

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