Aan Devathai Movie Review

Aan Devathai Movie Review

Reviews 12-Oct-2018 12:20 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Thamira
Production: Sigaram Cinemas
Cast: Samuthirakani, Ramya Pandian, Baby Monica, Master Kavin Boopathy & Radha Ravi
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography: S D Vijay Milton
Editor: Mu.Kasi Viswanathan

After the release of ‘60 Vayadu Maaniram’, Samuthirakani starrer ‘Aan Dhevathai’ has been released today. Along with actors like ‘Joker’ fame Ramya Pandian, the trailer of this movie seems to be regarding parental care for kids and is expected to be a good family entertainer. Will this movie be like ‘Saatai’ or ‘Appa’ which has already narrated about the way of education kids has to be imposed with and how the parents have to be with kids? Will it be different from those movies?


Elango (Samuthirakani), an ordinary family man loves his wife Jessy (Ramya Pandian) so much such that he leaves his job to take care of the kids (Agara Mudhalvan (Kavin) and Aathira (Monica)) for his wife and lives happily as a perfect ‘House Husband’. Jessy dreams to have a luxury house and to be rich with all high class amenities. At some point, Jessy goes beyond the limit by changing completely like people behave to her in her workplace by showing their high class economy. Dreaming to be filthy rich, she works hard but fails to take proper care of her kids. At some point, Elango gets irritated by this behavior of Jessy. Jessy slaps Elango because of having conflict with one of Jessy’s colleague in a party. Elango takes Aathira with him and gets out of the house. He faces difficulty to stay alone by having his daughter with him. He feels terribly hard to find house, job, money and proper living without getting help from his wife. On the other hand, Jessy faces a call over from her office colleague, Roy (Abhishek) to make out with him when she feels so lonely without Elango and her unexpected friend’s death (‘Pelita’ – Suja Varunee). Denying for that sexual assault, she gets terminated from her job without any reason. Then after she becomes jobless with so many debts whereas trying for jobs also becomes failure. She gets threats from her money lenders resulting with the tortures of lenders by locking her house with her son inside. What will be climax? How Jessy’s son will be rescued? Will Elango gets joined with his wife? Will Jessy understand her mistakes? ‘Aan Dhevathai’ will be the answer in the climax!


The complete story by portraying modern lifestyle of people struggling to live luxurious life by getting EMI and loans from banks and money lenders, Thamira has taken over a practical story in this movie. Although, the movie has strong dialogues for Samuthirakani because of his responsible father and husband role, there were lags then and there during his travel sequences after fighting with his wife and getting out of the house with daughter. But hope only Director knows why he made Samuthirakani and the small girl to walk so long continuously inside Chennai from day to night. Apart from that, the concept handled with good dialogues is stated to be one of the positive things in the movie whereas it seems dragged in the climax. Background music and good audio tracks helps to feel the practical happenings in the movie. Cinematography of Vijay Milton is as usual splendid and neat throughout the movie. But, the drastic drag without having a tight hold in the climax might make us think that it would have been still neater if the lags with more silence were trimmed in the editing sessions.


Without stopping to amaze us through his performance as a father, Samuthirakani has performed absolutely splendid which is very usual and easy for him to absorb and reflect on screens. As usual, ‘Joker’ fame Ramya Pandian has done her role as an independent and single earning person very well in the movie. Special mention and applause should be done for the kids, Monica and Kavin for being absolutely cute in the screens. Other supporting roles like Radharavi, Aranthangi Nisha, Anupama Kumar, Kaali Venkat, Suja Varunee and Abhishek has done their roles very well.

What works?

1) Story conveying a convincing message
2) Cinematography and music

What doesn’t work?

1) No proper hold in the climax

2) Unwanted montages

On the whole, ‘Aan Dhevathai’ is a neat narration of practical modern incidents of middle class people’s lives. Good family drama but with unwanted silence then and there.

Verdict : ‘Aan Dhevathai’ is the ‘rescuer’ of the current, urban EMI life!

Ratings : 4.5/10

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