50 lakh worth set exclusively made for Jackie Sheroff’s ‘Pandimuni’!

Directed by Kasthuri Raja, a 50 lakh worth set has been made for Jackie Sheroff starrer ‘Pandimuni’.

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Starring Jackie Sheroff in the role of an Aghori, the cast of ‘Pandimuni’ involves Mohali, Vaishnavi, Jothi and many other actors. Directed by Kasthuri Raja, the shooting of this movie has been happening in the locations of Vettavalam near Thirunelveli.

When Kasthuri Raja stated about the movie, he has stated that, “There is a pond which owned by Vettavalam zamindar (landlord) in Thirunelveli. With the vast space of 5 acres of land and in between the huge rocks, the pond is located. Inside the pond, there is a room almost with an area of 4000 square feet with huge iron pillars and iron planks. We have made Jackie Sheroff along with 400 Aghoris to sit above them and do rituals in some of the scenes during the shooting. We have also shot a statue of Lord Shiva in ‘Rudra Thaandavam’ form which was about 25 feet height. A hanging bridge was also made between two mountains to shoot like Aghori’s coming around the mountains. Like going around the Kailash Mountains, the visualizations will be definitely stunning while watching on screens. We have invested almost 50 lakhs amount for the sets. In my entire journey, ‘Pandimuni’ can be mentioned as a unique movie.”

With the cinematography and editing of Madhu Ambert and Suresh Aras, the music for this movie is composed by Srikanth Deva.

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