Ban of screening movies in 10 theatres due to Piracy!

Tamil Cinema Producers Council is against the 10 theatres where the piracy of the movies has happened resulting in banning the screening of movies.

News 16-Oct-2018 6:37 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Regarding the piracy issues in 10 theatres and illegal DVD sellers, Tamil Cinema Producers Council has issued a brief notice, stating that, “A Producer produces a movie with his hectic and hard efforts by crossing all the difficult hurdles. Producing with many difficulties, he will be releasing the movie somehow on screens. But right on the release date, the movie gets leaked out in Internet through piracy. It has also been proved that movies are getting leaked through theatres with much considered evidences. Apart from that, the case has been happening continuously against the 10 theatres from where the illegal recording of the movies has been done. However, the piracy has been happening still more at present.

List of the theatres where piracy had been going on along with the list of movies which has been proved through right evidences, is as follows –

1) Krishnagiri Murugan Talkies – ‘Manusanaa Nee’

2) Krishnagiri Nayanthara Talkies – ‘Goli Soda 2’

3) Mayiladuthurai Gomathi Theatre – ‘Oru Kuppai Kadhai’

4) Karur Ellora - ‘Oru Kuppai Kadhai’

5) Aarani Chetpet Padmavathi Theatre – ‘Mr. Chandramouli’

6) Karur Kavithaalaya – ‘Thodra’

7) Karur Kavithaalaya – ‘Raja Ranguski’

8) Bengaluru Sathyam Theatre – ‘Imaikka Nodigal’

9) Virudhachalam Jaisai Krishna Theatre – ‘Seemaraja’

10) Mangalore Cinepolis Theatre – ‘Seemaraja’

Also that, Tamil Cinema Producers Council has decided and announced to QUBE that the above mentioned theatres won’t be supported further. Added to this, the prospective producers of the movies which are releasing on October 17th and 18th has requested to QUBE through formal letters and emails that the movies should not be screened in the above mentioned theatres. Besides this, we, from Tamil Cinema Producers Council have requested QUBE through letters and emails that the movies releasing on every Fridays should not be screened on the same theatres.”

Through this notice, it is announced that further movie releases won’t be happening on the above mentioned theatres.

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