‘Vada Chennai’ Movie Review!

‘Vada Chennai’ Movie Review!

Reviews 17-Oct-2018 1:36 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Vetrimaran
Production: Wunderbar Films
Cast: Dhanush, Ameer, Aishwarya Rajesh, Andrea Jeremiah, Samuthirakani, Daniel Balaji and Kishore
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Velraj
Editor: G P Venkatesh and R Ramar

Making this movie for almost 2 years, audiences are in the great expectation whether ‘Vada Chennai’ will be more engaging than ‘Polladhavan’ and ‘Aadukalam’. Now there is no wait to know about the story since the release has been crackling with Dhanush’s fans on screens. The only doubt is will this movie recall ‘Pudhupettai’ and other renowned gangster movies? Let’s see how people have experienced and how ‘Vada Chennai’ has given an impact!


‘Vada Chennai’ is a blood shedding and life turning battle of trust, revenge, affection and loss among Rajan (Ameer), Guna (Samuthirakani), Senthill (Kishore), Anbu (Dhanush) and Chandra (Andrea Jeremiah).


Handling a very complicated nonlinear story of a huge area and with many people, Vetrimaaran seems to have managed it very well till the end by doing great justice with clear screenplay and powerful background music. However there were little confusions and lags here and there, the movie involves great patience to understand how each and every character interlinks each other. Not having a specific hero in the story, all the characters have been characterized from the base with ‘pakka’ local slang which reminds us about the nativity. Being a passive hero, the climax of ‘Vada Chennai’ ends with the awakening of Dhanush in the stand to be in his place with the dialogue stating that, “Pirandha Oora Vittu Porathae, Namba Thirumba Varumbothu Namma Ooru Irukunumngura Nenaipulathaan” will never make us leave the screens without giving applause. Playing songs as montages, Santhosh Narayanan’s background music thrills till the end supporting the rustic and well narrating cinematography of Velraj. With duration of almost 2 hours and 45 minutes, editing seems to be very effective to understand in depth of the story till the climax.


Without having a great scope in the movie, Dhanush’s involvement in playing the role of ‘Anbu’ has been very much interesting with an awakening move which indirectly directs to the fruiting of his character in the second part. Seen as an important character although his portion is for 20 minutes, Ameer’s character as ‘Rajan’ has been played well and can be stated as one of the great pillar of the movie. Apart from all the characters, Andrea’s body language with the vengeance, her dialogue delivery and the look has been stunning and enjoying till the climax. Also, Aishwarya Rajesh who has played romance part and pairing up with Dhanush as an understanding wife is very well characterized. If it is Vetrimaran’s movie, we definitely can expect Daniel Balaji, Pawan and Kishore. They have also aptly performed to the roles they have owed. Next to ‘Subramaniyapuram’, Samuthirakani seems to threaten everyone through his performance in the character of ‘Guna’. And the remaining supporting roles has also understood the depth of characters and performed really well.

What works and what don’t work?

Although there are many minuses like logic errors, set props for period portions and few other mistakes, the positives like interesting screenplay, the characterizations, dialogues, background music and thrilling editing cuts have hidden all the negatives and shown the story in the limelight!

On the whole, even if we are watching the movie after seeing movies like ‘Subramaniyapuram’, ‘Pudhupettai’ and ‘Jigarthanda’, ‘Vada Chennai’ will be an interesting movie because of the characterizations and background music with dark, rustic and bleed shed uncut scenes which is encouraged to watch only by adults above 18 years of age.

Verdict : ‘Vada Chennai’ is a blood shed awakening of ‘Anbu’ for the second part!

Ratings : 6.5/10

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