Who is the favorite actor of A R Rahman?

A R Rahman has stated that he liked and he has been inspired by Rajinikanth for hard working and dedication in ‘2.0’ trailer launch event.

News 3-Nov-2018 1:55 PM IST Top 10 Comments

With the grand lit up function in Chennai, the trailer launch of ‘2.0’ has happened today in Chennai such that it was a great excitement for the team and also for audience to watch the legendary team of Director Shankar, Superstar Rajinikanth, A R Rahman and Akshay Kumar in the same dice. Amidst this delightful event, there has been a short ‘Q & A’ session.

When a video clip of Anirudh questioning A R Rahman as, “Which actor do you like the most from the movies you have composed music so far?”

A R Rahman has answered to the question, stating that, “I have answered 10 years ago. It’s one and only Superstar. His eternal spiritually and hard work has been a role model for others. That is the reason I like Rajini. After getting Oscar awards, I have been thinking to retire at my 40 years of age. But I have been amazed by seeing Rajini’s hard work. That has actually been my encouragement.” When Kajal Agarwal passed on a question to A R Rahman through a video stating as, “What makes and inspires you to be constantly higher and higher in your career?” A R Rahman answered as, “Actually music is the blessing to me which has been passed on through my dad. And I feel like I am doing the duty and service to the respect I have on my dad and God through music.” When Rahman talked about working on music for more than 2 years, “I feel like I have worked for continuous 8 movies working in this 1 movie. We kept on changing music for this movie from 2 years ago to 1 year ago and till 2 months back we were working so much because we felt like the music didn’t come up with effects it was worked in the movie. So we were continuously reworking on music part for a long time.”

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