“Even if we come late, we have to come correctly!” – Rajinikanth!

The celebrities delighting speeches in the ‘2.0’ trailer launch event.

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When Akshay Kumar has spoken about the experience in working he has tried speaking in Tamil as, “I am so honored to be part of this team with Director Shankar, Superstar and Producer Subhashkaran and I really don’t have words to express my happiness. I have learnt a lot because of working on this movie which I have spent almost 3 hours for makeup and 1 hour for removing makeup which is a great experience.” And when Vishal has questioned Akshay about his consistent fitness regime, Akshay has answered as, “According to me waking up at 4 AM is like I am worshipping my own body. For me my body is like a temple. And this habit is because of my dad who was an army officer. It’s not because my parents forced me to do so. But I myself have followed it as a routine and I have never been without seeing sunrise every day.” Added to this, he has also appreciated Vishal for his fitness routine.

The team has also launched an ultra-modern 3D screen guards ‘wow 3D’ in order to experience the 3D cinema effect without 3D glasses in smartphones whereas villain of the movie, Akshay Kumar has unveiled the brand new model bike from a renowned brand. A R Rahman stated that one week before the movie gets released, the selected portions of sound track from ‘2.0’ will be released. It is also stated that Rajinikanth had a costume weighing 12 kgs which was watched and stunned by Hollywood stuntmen.

When Director Shankar explained about how the making of ‘2.0’ has happened, he has stated that, “We have used 4D SRL sound effect to the 3D visual effect in this movie because I believed that it will make everyone feel even the footsteps happening in the movie effectively. And that has been superbly done and given by Oswar Winner Sound Designer Rasool Pookutty because he has gathered 4 to 5 machines from different studios and worked on this movie. I am thanking him for such tremendous efforts. I would like to request the exhibitors to increase and build theatres with 3D technologies because movie like ‘2.0’ will be more impactful if audience sees with full effects.

Further answering to Director Rajamouli for what makes him to handle pressure in making big budget films, Shankar has stated that, “I am your great fan since you are the Pride of Indian Cinema. I manage pressure of big budget films by working more and putting more efforts.”

Continuing to answer Kannada Actor Shivaraj for what makes him to come up with ideas and how he decides apt title, Shankar said, “I don’t know what is making me to think. But may be the audience’s expectation does so. I have titled ‘2.0’ to make easy for people to know worldwide.” And the list of questionnaires has been going on from many other celebrities and audience.

When he once again mentioned about the main pillar of the movie he said, “The biggest strength in the movie is Rajini Sir. Whatever he does it comes out with so much attraction, style and mass. When we started shooting, Rajini Sir was not feeling well whereas keeping the huge team’s efforts and investment on mind; he had worn a costume which was weighing 12 kgs in the climax scene in Delhi. Inspite of getting 2 inch measure hurt in an action sequence, Rajini sir has acted and finished the shoot during the shooting. And that dedication is the reason he is still the Superstar. Also, I think Akshay Kumar has done a very good work in this movie and I don’t think Akshay would have put this much make up in his entire film career which is much appreciated. ”

When Rajinikanth gave a speech on the event, he has stated that, “I first of all thank everyone from the ‘2.0’ team and the ever loving audience. I am telling you all today. This movie is going to be a super duper hit and I tell congrats in advance to Subhashkaran and Shankar. I thank Subhashkaran for investing nearly 600 crores in one project not trusting in Rajinikanth but on Shankar. He has done this movie with a great message about how latest technology is spoiling the latest trend. Everyone will like it. He is an intelligent and creative film maker and the magic of this team will work on screens. I was only doubtful who will be producing this movie when Shankar was narrating the story of this movie. Since I worked in the previous movies with Shankar and from the output we got, we are sure that this movie will also be a blockbuster hit. I even told I can’t justify the role because of my illness during the shoot. But Shankar held my hand and told, “Just shake your hand, we will stop rolling when you want and if body suit is the problem, we will remove it off.”

But having those whopping investment I was thinking off to continue. But due to the severe illness I was again laid down but Subhashkaran told me to take time for getting ok. It is ok even if I take several years to get back to sets. That was the minute, I understand about him and his genuine character as a person. So when people were buzzing all around when the movie will come and if the movie will come out or not, we are just planning if movie out late, it has come out correctly. It has to be hit on screens correctly. And I meant the box office collection. Everybody from the team has worked well and I pray Shankar sir should step forward in his life with good health and success”.

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