Supports and protests rose against ‘Sarkar’!

Many politicians are against ‘Sarkar’ and many supports from celebrities have been passed to the team for the controversies.

News 9-Nov-2018 2:15 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Generally before any movie release of Vijay, we get to come across the buzz and controversies such that it has been pushed to release somehow. But at present there has been a different buzz that ‘Sarkar’ has been protested due to the scenes portraying politics (especially the ruling party) of recent times.

Having controversies after getting certified in censor board and releasing successfully, due to the protests and with the sudden protests provoking by ruling party members to stop the screening of the movie in theatres yesterday, it has been stated that the team has planned to remove the offended scenes from the movie. Removing off all the banners from the theatres, there has been a great mess all around the city such that stating their views regarding this issue, political parties have been firing up with opinions to media. Besides that actors like Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Vishal and many other people from film industry has given their support to Vijay and ‘Sarkar’.

Kamal Haasan has moved forward by sharing his view and support in his official twitter handle as, “It’s not new for this state government to put pressure on filmmakers who have obtained the censor certificate before releasing the film. A government that cannot accept criticism will definitely derail. Only people will win.”

Rajinikanth has stated his support as, ““After a film is cleared by the censor board for the release, vandalizing cinema halls, tearing down posters demanding particular cuts in the film is against the law. I condemn it.”

Also Producer S R Prabhu has also supportively tweeted that, “Even after clearing out censoring the movie, controversies arise which will actually come under the promotion of the movie. And everything is advertisement and promotion!”

Questioning the issues scenario, actor and producer Vishal has tweeted as, “Police in Director Murugadoss’s home????? For what?? Hoping and really hoping that nothing unforeseen happens. Once again. Censor has cleared the film and the content is watched by public. Then why all this hue and cry.”

Director Pa Ranjith has also shared his views stating that, “Criticism on ‘Sarkar’ has been done by taking over political power and violence. This country’s ‘democracy’ has been destroyed / lost.”

Actor and Member of Legislative Assembly, Karunas has stated that, “’Sarkar’ is a movie which spreads good political awareness. Whoever is against ‘Sarkar’ is considered to be Anti – Political. Clearing out censor from the censor board and the protests after releasing ending up with lots of controversies against the movie is an Anti - Political activity.”

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