Will ‘96’ heroine join hands with Vishal once again after ‘Samar’?

Trisha is stated to act in Vishal’s debut directorial.

News 12-Nov-2018 4:30 PM IST Top 10 Comments

After the latest release of ‘Sanda Kozhi 2’ which has been the 25th movie of Vishal, he has been on board for the upcoming movie, ‘Ayokya’. On the other hand, Vishal has also officially confirmed about his debut directorial having a stray dog as a lead subject. It has also been speculated that Vishal has been in talks with Trisha since we know very well about her love for pets and especially for dogs. Further it is much expected that Trisha who has acted previously with Vishal in ‘Samar’(2013), will once again join with Vishal for his debut directorial.

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