‘Taxiwaala’ Movie Review!

‘Taxiwaala’ Movie Review!

Reviews 17-Nov-2018 5:34 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Rahul Sankrityan
Production: GA2 Pictures and UV Creations
Cast: Vijay Devarakonda, Malavika Nair and Priyanka Jawalkar
Music: Jakes Bejoy
Cinematography: Sujith Sarang
Editor: Sreejith Sarang

After the successful hit of ‘Geetha Govindham’ and ‘NOTA’, we have been watching Vijay Devarkonda (VDK) has been choosing movie in different genres and trying to play character oriented roles. However this movie’s trailer seems to sneak out the thriller feel inside a vintage car, it is still believed that VDK will be playing a different role in the movie. Let us further see whether this ‘Taxiwaala’ will give a good ride or a bad ride.

Shiva is an ambitious youngster who is pampered with his brother and sister in law’s love and gets the utmost help of them in finance while completing studies and for getting a new car for his living while earning. On the other hand he finds his sister in law has a problem with getting pregnant and having baby dead after delivery but still conceived once again which is taken care with great care. At that time, Shiva gets a new vintage car in which he finds strange things like cleaning itself, becoming arrogant if it is not treated with car, sudden hustling of car doors and many more weird activities during night drives. While in between somehow knowing about these strange things, Shiva bears and continues to work with the car in order to help with finance for medical expenses of his sister in law.

What will happen then? How Shiva will come out of his problem? Will the soul inside the car help him in his drives? Whose soul is inside the car and what has happened to the person who is torturing Shiva? Will he manage to help his family with finance? The climax will take the drive in ‘Taxiwaala’.

However the movie seems to have less importance for the character of heroine Priyanka Jawalkar in ‘Taxiwaala’, Rahul Sankrityan has utilized the character of Malavika Nair as ‘Sisira Bharadwaj’ like a depressed person because of losing her mom in the beginning and has become a connection to taking birth to Vijay Devarkonda’s sister in law as a baby in the end. The remaining characters seem to be passive at most of the instances, Director has tried to run through comedy and love in between. The cinematography, lighting and emotional touch with glimpses of love seems to give the feel of Nayanthara’s ‘Dora’, the first half looks very engaging whereas the second half remains passive and slow moving just like in ‘Dora’ with flashbacks and revenge.

On the whole, we can say that ‘Taxiwaala’ is a very cool movie as a holiday for VDK whereas gives the same feel of ‘Dora’ with similar story.

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