‘Thuppakki Munai’ Movie Review!

‘Thuppakki Munai’ Movie Review!

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Direction: Dinesh Selvaraj
Production: V Creations
Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Hansika Motwani, M. S. Bhaskar & Vela Ramamoorthy
Music: L V Muthu Ganesh
Cinematography: Rasamathi
Editor: Bhuvan Srinivasan

Will the assistant of Director Mani Ratnam (Dinesh Selvaraj) involving Vikram Prabhu and ‘The Princess’ Hansika Motwani show his suspense thriller to be an interesting one? Let’s have a precise look on how ‘Thuppakki Munai’ has worked on the screens.


Being an encounter specialist in Mumbai Police Department, Vikram Prabhu shoots all criminals at one stretch without questioning them or investigating further. His mom who works in hospital feels bad about his act of being arrogant for killing people without any interrogations and lives away from him. On the other hand his girlfriend’s (Hansika) dad asks Vikram to resign his job and have a safe life with his daughter which ends up in breakup because of an unusual conflict. Vikram passes his time of being suspended for almost 5 years away from his mom and his girlfriend such that he is once again pulled inside police department for solving a rape case in Rameshwaram. M S Bhaskar loves his only daughter whereas he narrates about the sequences how he had lost his life and tries to punish the rapists. On the other hand, Vikram also interrogates the suspected criminal Azad to be innocent and tries to solve the case by finding the real rapists. How he finds the rapists? How the suspected person is proved to be an innocent in the court? Whether the justice triumphs or fails will be revealed in the climax of ‘Thuppakki Munai’!


Stated to be an encounter specialist, it has been a very unusual stay for having suspension for ‘5 years’ and the revealing of Vikram’s two fingers cut off in the climax to be very strange in the screenplay whereas the cinematography of Rasamathi and editing of Bhuvan Srinivasan seemed to be have ok in the sequences approaching to the climax. The characterization of Hansika as a secretary working in Prime Minister’s office seemed to be very weak as she appeared in only 4 scenes with no gap for romance or any other important hold. Somehow with the interesting and slowly moving first half, the movie seemed to have drastically laid back with easily predictable sequences by then. Guess director alone will know the fact why Vikram has been in Goa after suspension and how RJ Shah as Azad has been suspected to the criminal. Apart from all these, the music and background score of L V Muthu Ganesh seems to be interesting in the fight scenes except in those which had reminded about the threatening back scene running with the lock chain of ‘Aarusaamy’ in the first part of Chiyaan’s ‘Saamy’.


Tried to come along with a salt and pepper look, Vikram Prabhu’s silent but weird style of punishing criminals looks stylish but it might have been still more interesting if there had been some pinch of romance and comedy. As usual Hansika has brightened the screens through her gorgeous looks but failed to be very serious to the role she has owed as working in Prime Minister’s office. Other than that the girl who has acted in ‘Ratsasan’ seems to have played the same character with same body language in this movie as well. Apart from that all other remaining supporting actors especially RJ Shah as an innocent person, had done their characters well. Last but not the least as a poor dad, M S Bhaskar has done his role of a responsible father and as a common man who wanted to punish the criminals, who had raped and killed his daughter with the apt ending filling up with lengthy dialogues. Silent claps for his emotional role but touchy to break the thrill of not punishing the criminals in the climax!

What works?

1) Thrilling screenplay

2) Technical aspects

3) No duet, songs and comedy sequences.

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow first half

2) Logic errors

On the whole, ‘Thuppakki Munai’ can be described as a movie with very timid sentiments of an encounter specialist but with slow procession of interrogations and hard stunts.

Verdict : ‘Thuppakki Munai’ has a very weak edge with slow screenplay!

Ratings : 4/10

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