‘Johny’ Movie Review!

‘Johny’ is a hardcore ‘villain – hero’ with a happily ever after ending!

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Direction: Pa. Vetriselvan
Production: Staar Movies
Cast: Prashanth, Sanchita Shetty, Prabhu and Aathma
Music: Ranjan Durairaj
Cinematography: M V Panneerselvam
Editor: Shiva Saravanan

Directed by the former assistant of directors S J Suryah and Jeeva Shankar, Pa. Vetriselvan’s debut movie has been much expected in Kollywood because of the presence of ‘Top Star’ Prashanth and many other prominent actors. Will this remake of ‘Johny Gaddaar’ work in Tamil as well? Will it be a comeback for ‘Top Star’? We’ll give you an idea about the remake movie through this brief review.


A story of five partners with great craze for money and luxury such that they get a deal from a police officer and a best friend of Jai (Prabhu, one of the partners), Kalyan, from Cochin if there is an exchange from all the five members with money for drugs. Ramya (Sanchita Shetty) loves Sakthi (Prashanth) who is one of the partners of this criminal gang who is admired to become something big in life and also with an aim to earn money in life with ‘shortcuts’ just like Jai. On the other hand Ramya is trapped by Ram who is a pub owner and also a person who has given money long back to Ramya’s dad leading to torture Ramya in exchange of paying back her dad’s debt. Sakthi who feels to have a happy life by eloping with Ramya, tries to grab away all the money of everyone circulated in the plan of exchanging money and drug all alone for him. How Sakthi gets the money? What will happen if partners come to know that Sakthi is the snitcher? How Sakthi’s reactions will proceed in the thrill for money? How Sakthi tackles all the doubts of his partners and how he comes out of the issues with money and Ramya, is the core of ‘Johny’!


Although it is a remake of the Bollywood movie, ‘Johny Gaddaar’, Director Pa. Vetriselvan has done an interesting screenplay with clear storyline aptly turning to cope up with Kollywood trend. Being a thriller, the story seemed to be engaging with twists but with the predictions in the climax. Without any romantic songs and comedy, the entire movie looks very neat but with many signs of showing about giving less importance to dialogues which were rarely syncing to the video. However they have matched with the reactions even though the lip sync was missing here and there, it would have been more interesting if the abrupt mistakes of jumps were avoided in the editing. Overall the thriller is predictable with neat suspense twirling portions mixing up with the mild background music and stunts till the end!


After a long gap to give a breakthrough through his movies, Prashanth has tried to be satisfying the audience as a ‘negative hero’ in ‘Johny’. However it is a remake of ‘Johny Gaddaar’, Prashanth has been active in his performance from the beginning of the movie till the end in stunts and serious sequences. Showing off her spicy prettiness, Sanchita has been a good pair to ‘Top Star’ with ‘heroine-ic’ portions probably throughout the movie. Although Prabhu seems to be disappearing after the first half, his character was also played well with the remaining supporting actors like Anandaraj, Ashutosh Rana, Aathma Patrick, Jayakumar. Sayaji Shinde, as a Police officer has fought back through his performance with Prasanth instead of Prabhu in the second half. Being in the bed as a patient, Kalairani’s portion seemed to be quite weak since the ‘mother sentiment’ was not conveyed properly. Last but not the least, as Anandaraj’s wife; Devadarshini has performed well in the character she has owed.

What works?

1) Usual story

2) Carrying over of characters

3) Cinematography and background score

What doesn’t work?

1) Predictable climax

2) Abrupt jumps in some scenes

On the whole, ‘Johny’ is a neat thriller for bagging money with usual storyline but will never definitely disappoint if logics were not noticed.

Verdict: ‘Johny’ is a hardcore ‘villain – hero’ with a happily ever after ending!



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