“It was very tough to act in ‘Maari 2’ than in the first part!” - Dhanush

“It was very tough to act in ‘Maari 2’ than in the first part!” - Dhanush

News 19-Dec-2018 9:39 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Bankrolled under the banner of Dhanush’s ‘Wunderbar Films’, ‘Maari 2’ has been all set to flow on screens from December 21st. As part of the promotion before the release, the team had a brief discussion with press reporters today.

When Dhanush spoke about working in ‘Maari 2’, he has stated that, “’Maari 2’ is not the type of movie which will have a great message and a world class making, which will have a lot to learn after watching or just like this movie, many movies have to be made all that. ’Maari 2’ is a ‘masala oriented’ film. This movie can be enjoyed well by family audience along with kids. We have showed whatever is needed for commercial entertainment in this movie.

The story will be revolving around the character of ‘Maari’ in the first part. But in the second part, we have shown Maari’s character with sentiments and romance. ‘Vada Chennai Anbu’ character is way easier to perform because the story travelled to touch the one straight line. However Maari character is not that type of character because Maari is neither a good person nor a bad person and nobody likes him as well. If that’s the case, there will be a question whether audience will like ‘Maari’ or not. Isn’t it?” answering in such a way delightfully Dhanush has explained about how Balaji Mohan had handled the character of ‘Maari’ in that way.

“I have never done home work for any other movies like I did for ‘Maari 2’. The thing which was challenging while acting in ‘Maari 2’ was that how much ever it is emotional I was very stubborn not to cry. But my pair in the movie, Sai Pallavi, will be crying for everything in the film. I have so much trust that not only people who had seen ‘Maari’ will like it but also whoever watches ‘Maari 2’ will definitely like. The reason is there are many new things to watch in the movie”

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