‘Adanga Maru’ Movie Review!

‘Adanga Maru’ might not be an interesting chase race but with flowing usual thriller elements!

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Direction: Karthik Thangavel

Production: Home Movie Makers

Cast: Jayam Ravi, Raashi Khanna, Sampath Raj, Azhagam Perumal and Ponvannan

Music: Sam C S

Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan

Editor: Anthony L. Ruben

After ‘Thani Oruvan’ and ‘Bogan’, ‘Jayam’ Ravi’s ‘Adanga Maru’ is much expected on screens since it has been stated to be an action thriller. Will it be good like his other cop thriller movies or will it be a normal police story with action, romance and sentiments? The below review will give an idea about how ‘Adanga Maru’ will be!


Subash is a sub inspector who will be newly joined in Police with a great respect on Police Department simultaneously studying for IPS. He has a loving family with mom, dad, elder brother, sister in law with 2 cute twin nieces. He has a love interest which has a strong duration of relationship for several years with great understanding. He understands gradually while working that Police Department just ‘Obeys the Order’ without reacting to the issues happening in the society. At one instance he comes across a rape and murder case of a girl (Parvathy) which is further closed as a suicide by Police due to the pressure from higher officials. Further through investigating due to public pressure, he gets to know that not only Parvathy but also many other girls were raped and killed by 4 guys who were belonging to the family of big shots. When Subash then tries to investigate the case and keep them into iron bars, they were released easily within 15 minutes due to their influence with money and power. In the great anger, they kill the family members of Subash leaving one of the twin nieces to make him suffer and feel the pain every second he lives. Having no hope of working in Police Department, Subash resigns his job and gets in action to kill all the 4 guys as a single common man. How he kills them? What will happen to his love interest and his one and only left out twin niece? Will he use his intelligence to kill them as a single person or make public to rise together to kill the criminals? If he uses his intelligence, will he be caught while killing them? How will he kill all of them without any ‘evidence’? Last 2 minutes of ‘Do or Die’ instance makes the climax of ‘Adanga Maru’!


More with the use of technology and hacking techniques, it is very difficult for anyone to accept that Jayam Ravi alone has done all the intelligent hacking and tracking efforts with his techie friend and girlfriend in the second half, the first half seemed to be engaging with good flow and mix of romance, emotions and proper linear story. Screenplay seems to be diverted in the second half with more technological and chemical action scenes; most of the scenes seem to be replicating the style of ‘Thani Oruvan’ at some instances with usual scenes. However the background score of Sam C S has helped to be quite involved throughout the movie, there were more predictable scenes and dialogues following then and there. In some point we might definitely get doubts whether ‘all policemen are only obeying orders from their higher officials without taking their individual action and reactions’ or ‘is it actually good to report to Police or not to report in case of any issues’. Luxury cars, wealthy dads, rich sons, body guards and a huge, half construction storied building were repeating everywhere continuously; there might be confusions whether ‘all wealthy parents will be growing their kids with no responsibility and support their kids even if they rape and kill someone or teach them with respect to women and way to flourish in life’. Apart from all these, cinematography of Sathyan Sooryan and editing of Ruben were moving the flow of the thriller in good speed.

As usual Jayam Ravi has perfectly owed and played his character with good looks and perfect police body just like in ‘Thani Oruvan’ and ‘Bogan’ but seems to be over exaggerating in the second half with over buildups even if he was seated in from IG and reacting like he has a big team to react outside without spitting out any clue. Though continuous staring with his eyes has helped him to make the audience feel the dialogues in the movie at many instances, it was maintained with same bold looks till the end. While having gorgeous looks, Raashi Khanna seemed passive almost in all the scenes wherever she appeared but with smiles and tears then and there. Azhagan Perumal as a very silent Police, Ramdoss as a comedian, Mime Gopi as an Inspector, Sampath Raj as IG has done their roles well whereas all the 4 guys especially the bulky one (Bharath Ram), has done their roles as characterized. Also the rich dads like Babu Antony and many more actors have performed well. Guess the reason behind why Poorna has appeared for less than 5 minutes on screen questioning and arguing with 2 to 3 lines of sentences as an advocate will be known only to the director!

What works?

1) Idea of making public to punish the criminals through an ‘app’

2) Cinematography, background score and editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual and easily predictable story

2) Over exaggerated single man show

On the whole, ‘Adanga Maru’ seems to be very usual as a single man show but with so much diversions against Police Department.


‘Adanga Maru’ might not be an interesting chase race but with flowing usual thriller elements!



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