‘Petta’ after 23 years of ‘Baashha’!

Almost after 23 years of ‘Baashha’, Karthik Subburaj’s directorial ‘Petta’ starring Rajnikanth has been pepping up for releasing during Pongal.

News 29-Dec-2018 10:45 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Spicing up the screens with the terror trailer this morning, it has been assured that Superstar is all set to fire up the cinemas exciting all his fans on the release day of ‘Petta’ i.e., on January 10th during Pongal 2019. However it is ‘A Karthik Subburaj Padam’, there are more assumptions and predictions of how and what the story of the movie will be and about the characters of actors in the movie, this year marks a notable occasion of Superstar movie’s release.

Besides with the involvement of large cast and a strong crew, ‘Petta’ is the movie of Superstar which is releasing almost after 23 years of ‘Baashha’ (January 12, 1995) which is hitting the screens on the festival of Pongal 2019. To give a small gist of ‘Baashha’ to the reading, it is a blockbuster gangster movie which is directed by Suresh Krissna and produced by R. M. Veerappan’s ‘Sathya Movies’, involving the cast of Rajnikanth, Nagma, Raghuvaran, Janagaraj, Devan, Shashikumar, Vijayakumar, Anandaraj, Charan Raj, Kitty and many other actors. With a slight similarity on the release dates during a delightful occasion, all ‘Superstar’ fans have been expecting for ‘Petta’ as much as they were showering their love for the classic action movie, ‘Baashha’.

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