‘Jayam’ Ravi made his wife to bow down because of ‘Adanga Maru’!

‘Jayam’ Ravi had expressed his gratitude to press reporters in the success meet of ‘Adanga Maru’ and shared his experiences he faced with his wife when he was working on the movie.

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When ‘Jayam’ Ravi talked about the movie and success, he has stated that, “I have been thinking reporters and media people as my friends till ‘Thani Oruvan’ got released. After that, I got huge respect on press reporters. The reason is everyone had written their reviews with a note that the film was worth to be watched on theatres. If it is a good movie definitely the media will take that to audience. In that same way, the respect on the press people has been much increased because of the reviews given by them. However the story is, it’s all in Director’s hands to execute in the movie. The success of the movie is completely because of Director Karthik Thangavel.

The Tamil cinema welcomes Director Karthik Thangavel, Producer Sujatha and Aarthi (daughter of Sujatha & wife of ‘Jayam’ Ravi) who were working hard behind the victory of ‘Adanga Maru’ with a huge red carpet. I wanted to tell a particular thing about Aarthi. She has subjugated to me when I was acting in ‘Adanga Maru’. We used to get silly fights and that time Aarthi used to be very adamant. I will be bowing down to her at such circumstances. But during the shooting of this movie whenever fights come, I used to tell her that I won’t be going to your mom’s movie shooting! Whenever I tell like that, Aarthi will be calming down and tell sorry to me. I tell this here because I don’t know what is going to happen after the huge success of this film.” giggling by narrating things happened; everybody had spilled out their laughter in the meet.

Continuing with, “It was that much happy when I was working on ‘Adanga Maru’. I wish I could do another movie with the same team”, ‘Jayam’ Ravi has ended up his speech.

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