This week has ‘Maaniik’ as a solo release!

Starring Ma Ka Pa and Suza Kumar, ‘Maaniik’ is releasing as a solo release on screens this Friday(today).

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Usually listing out about the number of movie releases every week, we will have a huge collection to brief out to the readers but this week has a solo release of ‘Vijay TV’ fame Ma Ka Pa Anand’s ‘Maaniik’ which is directed by the debut director, Martyn and bankrolled by M Sunramaniyan’s ‘MCT – Mohita Cine Talkies’.

When Martyn spoke about this movie in a recent event, he has stated that, “In the show ‘Naalaiya Iyakkunar’, one of my short films had been selected and reached till finals. After watching that short film, one of the judges of the show, Director Sundar C had told me to make movies like the way I made my short film. I have also started working on scripts without logics. In such way only the story of ‘Maaniik’ has been created. We can also state the story of ‘Maaniik’ as a true story which has happened in my life.

A boon is given by a sage to a person (hero Ma Ka Pa Anand) who tries to work hard and earn more money. How Ma Ka Anand utilizes that boon and achieves the goal in a period of 1 year is the story such that I have made the film without touching the tints of logics but with humor.”

Along with Ma Ka Pa and Suza Kumar, Vathsan, Yogi Babu, Aruldoss, Anu, Madhumitha and Manobala have been involved for prominent roles. Music is composed by Dharankumar whereas cinematography for ‘Maaniik’ is handled by M R Palanikumaar.

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