‘Jayam’ Ravi reveals the teaser of Kathir’s ‘Sathru’ tomorrow!

Directed by Naveen Nanjundan and produced by ‘RT Infinity Deal’, ‘Jayam’ Ravi launches the teaser of Kathir starrer ‘Sathru’ tomorrow at 11 AM.

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Already waiting for the release of ‘Sigai’ in Zee5 app as a premiere from Pongal, Kathir has been on board for the movie titled as ‘Sathru’ in which he seemed to be a performing a role of a cop. Directed by Naveen Nanjundan and produced by Raghukumar’s ‘RT Infinity Deal’, ‘Sathru’ involves actors like Srushti Dange, Laguparan, Suja Varunee, Neelima, Ponvannan and Marimuthu along with Kathir for prominent roles. Winding up of post-production works, the team has been getting ready for the release by February such that there is an official announcement today that the teaser of ‘Sathru’ will be launched tomorrow by ‘Jayam’ Ravi at 11 AM. However keenly concentrating in taking up interesting roles, Kathir’s character in ‘Sathru’ is also expected a lot among the audience. Cinematography and editing is done by Mahesh Muthuswami and Prasanna.G.K respectively whereas songs and background music has the hands of Amrish.

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