“Keep banners for me like you have never done so far!” – STR

STR has given a humble request to his lovely fans for keeping banners during the movie release!

News 22-Jan-2019 12:24 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Generally wishing to fans during festivals, STR has recently released a video wishing the fans for a Happy New Year and Pongal such that he has also mentioned not to keep banners and pour milk and celebrate during the movie release. He has also requested to buy clothes for parents rather than doing all these celebrations. Having many criticisms for this, STR has hit back with a video today giving a hard response as, “Some people have criticized whether there are fans for me and all… What I order to my 2 to 3 fans in an affectionate way is that, you have to keep cut outs and banners during the release of my movie ‘Vantha Rajava Thaan Varuvaen’ in a grand way just like you have never done so far… Pour lagoons and lagoons of milk and do celebration. This is my humble request!”

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