First feature film to be exclusively produced and released on YouTube!

‘NextGen’ will be releasing a film exclusively on YouTube in four different regional languages.

News 22-Jan-2019 12:42 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Indian Cinema, which originated with silent films, has been continuously evolving with each passing phase. During the last few years, films have begun releasing not just in theatres but also on OTT platforms which has been trending right now.

Looking to take this evolution to the next level, ‘NextGen’, an enterprising firm, is now attempting, for the first time ever in India, to make a film exclusively for the YouTube platform.

The firm is looking to make this film through crowd funding simultaneously in four languages namely Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.

Speaking about this effort, Aravindh Srinivasan of ‘NextGen’ says, "Today, the YouTube platform has an important role to play in ensuring the success of a film. By presenting the teasers, trailers and songs through YouTube, filmmakers manage to get viewers and fans interested in their films and thereby raise expectation levels. Therefore, YouTube's contribution in this regard is humungous.

When he explained about how he has got the idea for releasing films on YouTube, he has stated that, “Several films have been released directly on YouTube. However, all of these films have been released either if there are problems in theatrical release or Censor issues, until now no Indian film has been made with the sole intention of releasing it exclusively on YouTube. When I discussed this issue with my friends, the thought 'Why not make a film exclusively for the YouTube platform?' arose in me. My friends found this to be a good idea and promised to join in as producers for the venture. Following the support provided by friends, we began actively searching for a good script that could be made into an entertaining film. After an extensive search, we have now finalized the script.

Although this film will first release on YouTube in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi, we have planned to release it on other OTT platforms and through TV channels as well. Our prime focus is to ensure that this film, which is to be presented free of cost to viewers, is of international standards. We will shortly announce the cast and crew of this film."

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